How do doctors and healthcare professionals determine if I need to be in home-isolation?

If your symptoms are not severe enough to be hospitalized, it may be appropriate for you to isolate at home.

Hospitalized patients can be released to home isolation once their healthcare providers feel that their symptoms no longer need immediate medical attention. For patients not requiring hospitalization any longer, or for people whose symptoms are not severe enough to require hospitalization, public health will assess the suitability of the home environment for home care.

Home isolation may be appropriate for individuals who:

  • Are stable enough to receive care at home
  • There are appropriate caregivers that are available to monitor you
  • There is a separate bedroom where you can recover without sharing immediate space with others
  • There is access to gloves and facemask
  • All household members including you are able to adhere to necessary precautions

If you live in a group setting or a home setting where the above criteria cannot be met, the local health department will  identify where you can be housed until no longer infectious.