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Follow Your Local Health Department Guidance

Your county health department may have specific guidelines for your community. Please check-in with them for additional information.

Protect Your Team

Monitor employees temperatures and symptoms regularly. Issue or approve face coverings. Be mindful of spaces where 6 feet of distance can’t be maintained. Disinfect workspaces at the beginning and end of each shift/work day. Stay updated on travel-related quarantine mandates.

Protect Your Community

Maintain fundamental cleaning and public health practices. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between consumers -- being mindful of areas such as check-outs and customer service areas.

Employer-Based COVID-19 Testing

For businesses, regular COVID-19 testing can provide a healthier, safer workplace while minimizing the risk of outbreaks and major disruptions. Learn more

Essential Worker Safety Practices

Additional Resources

Explore additional support from the State of Kansas at Find information to print and share in the Publications section. Need COVID-19 vaccine information? Visit

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