Is this related to the Employer Testing Playbook announced October 26th, 2021?

Yes, as COVID-19 testing becomes an increasingly normal part of our routine, funding for testing should be like any other kind of testing – paid for predominantly through health insurance or via employers1. The next phase of the unified testing strategy will require KDHE to reduce its costs for testing. 

KDHE is committed to working with our community partners – to include commercial and university labs, businesses, and health plans – to prepare for the next phase of the pandemic. 

1. EEOC guidance strongly suggests that the ADA requires employers to cover the costs of COVID-19 testing. The EEOC’s Enforcement Guidance on Disability-Related Inquiries and Medical Examinations of Employees Under the ADA provides that an employer must pay for all medical-exam related costs when an employer requires the examination because the employer reasonably believes the employee poses a “direct threat.” According to the EEOC, “COVID-19 poses a direct threat.” Therefore, the ADA would require an employer to cover the costs of diagnostic testing related to keeping that direct threat out of the workplace.

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1. Why is this change in testing strategy occurring?
2. What organizations are impacted by the change to KDHE’s testing strategy?
3. Is this related to the Employer Testing Playbook announced October 26th, 2021?
4. What is the timeline for implementing these changes to the Unified Testing Strategy?
5. How will these changes impact testing availability across Kansas? 
6. Will the state lab have the capacity to process the additional tests that this plan will require?
7. How will KDHE maintain capacity for testing in case of a surge in COVID-19?
8. Where can I find FAQs specific to the type of testing program?