How do I get the vaccine for myself or my child?

There are two steps to getting the vaccine:

  1. Find a COVID-19 vaccine provider one of four ways:
  • Website: You can go to (available in English and Spanish) to find providers with vaccines available near you. 
  • Text: To find three providers near you, text your zip code to 438829 (GETVAX); for Spanish text your zip code to 822862 (VACUNA).  
  • Call: You can call 211 and request assistance scheduling an appointment with a local provide. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish.  You can also call the KDHE COVID-19 Hotline (866-534-3463 / 866-KDHEINF).
  • Local Health Department: If you need additional assistance, contact your local health department (directory by county).

   2. Schedule your appointment or find a walk-in clinic. Some providers will have an option to schedule an appointment for a specific day and time by phone or online, while others may coordinate vaccination clinics and advise you to come during a certain time window. Many providers now offer a “walk-in” option for those without an appointment. Please check with your local health care providers for available walk-in hours.  

If you are taking your child who is 5 or older to get vaccinated, confirm with vaccination clinic that the appropriate Pfizer vaccine is available

 For help and clinic contact information, visit

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