What will I need to provide to get vaccinated?

Some vaccination sites ask for proof of identity to accurately document the spelling of your name and address in the immunization registry and to make sure you fall within the authorized age range for vaccination.  Officials recommend that you bring any photo ID that shows your name, birth date, and address. This includes but is not limited to a driver's license, Consular ID, or a school or work ID. Requirements vary by provider, so please check before you go. Should you be asked to provide an ID and you do not have one, you can seek another provider.   

You should also bring your health insurance card if you have one. You will not be charged -- vaccines are free -- however, the vaccine provider may bill your insurer a fee for administering the vaccine. No patient will receive a bill, and no patient will be turned away if they do not have insurance.

Parental consent is required for those under the age of 18 years, and only the Pfizer vaccine is currently approved for use in people ages 5 through 17. We recommend you confirm that your vaccination site has the appropriate Pfizer vaccine before taking your child to get vaccinated.  Parents or caregivers who are the primary health insurance holder for their children, please bring a proof of your child’s insurance coverage to the vaccination appointment if you have one. No patient will be turned away if they do not have insurance, and no patient will receive a bill for the vaccine.

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